Hop Kiln Winery


The importance of tasty food is not lost on us. Food is, after all, one half of the important marriage of food and wine. With over 20 Hop Kiln artisan products, you can choose your own culinary adventure. Wasabi or Sweet Garlic mustard? Smooth and light or with some heat? We also carry vinegars/vinaigrettes as delicious finishes for any salad, to splash over grilled lamb or pasta. Classic oils like Basil & Garlic complement pastas and salads, while creative blends like Lemon Zest & Grapeseed can brush on anything from the grill.

So many delicious ways to enjoy wine. As an aperitif, a glass with dinner, in a savory reduction sauce, or blended with harmonious ingredients like chocolate and poured over dessert. A complete meal starts and ends with wine, and we have many ways to fill that tall order. The only limit is your imagination.

For all wine orders, please call us at (707) 433-6491 or send a message to info@HKGwines.com.