HKG Estate Wines

Pinot Noir

At HKG Estate Vineyards our love affair with Pinot Noir blends passion, romance and science in perfect harmony. With a sprawling 250 acre ranch that extends from both banks of the Russian River into the hills to the West, we have an opportunity to produce multiple Pinot Noirs of distinct character. We currently produce three Pinots, with each highlighting the terrior across our estate ranch: North Bridge, Twin Corners, and Estate Blend.

North Bridge Pinot Noir comes from Pinot blocks planted north of the bridge that spans a natural stream/creek, which traverses the ranch east/west, and out easterly towards the Russian River. The soils are classified as yellow, sandy loam overwash. Having variable layers of topsoil and pockets of sandy loam, these soils are well drained and have a high nutrient exchange capability. The result is generally smaller, denser berries with intense concentration of flavors. This lends itself nicely to high flavor and aroma extraction during the winemaking process.

Twin Corners refers to a long, somewhat narrow planting along Westside Road and centered between two nearly 90º turns travelling north/south. These alluvial loam “benchland” soils have a less stratified, deeper profile. The length of the vine rows and their planting aspect and orientation to the late morning – early afternoon sun makes for slow, even ripeness of the fruit. The vines produce berries and clusters which are slightly larger and looser, and tend to produce bright cherry and strawberry aromas alongside rich, classic Russian River Pinot flavors.  

Our estate blend Pinot is comprised of fruit from blocks throughout the ranch. The focus here is to showcase intense, varietal character and bright, yet delicate, aromas which include fresh cherries, cola, and candy.  

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