HKG Estate Wines


Our Chardonnay vineyards are rooted in the cool corners of our river flats. These vineyards were some of the first areas of the ranch replanted. Starting in 2006, we selected various rootstocks to match the variations in soil texture and character across the blocks planted in Chardonnay. We currently produce two estate Chardonnays: North Bridge and Russian River Valley.

North Bridge Chardonnay is fermented in hand selected French oak barrels. While in wood (barrel), the wine develops a complex aroma profile, structure and texture. Secondary fermentation is completed in barrel, adding a high level of flavor and complexity.

Our estate Chardonnay possesses all the charm of a classic Russian River Valley Chardonnay. A portion is cold fermented in stainless steel, and then blended with a selection of lots fermented in French oak barrels. The signature profile of this wine is softness, suppleness and a beautifully tropical character.

Chardonnay is a variety that unlike most, really allows the winemaker to display an array of winemaking techniques that deeply influence style. We invite you to try both the Russian River Valley Chardonnay as well as the North Bridge Chardonnay and share your impressions with us!

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